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On January 30, 1920 government of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic adopted resolution on announcement a competition of the best National emblem of republic. It was mentioned in the resolution that adoption of the emblem will be on May 28. But in the result of fall on April 28, 1920 of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic emblem wasn't adopted. On November 17, 1990 Supreme Majlis of Nakhichevan AR, after having discussed question on National emblem solicited Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR on announcement a competition for processing the National emblem of Azerbaijan.
Competition was announced on February 5, 1991 according to resolution of Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan Republic. During 1991-1992 there were tens of projects of new National emblem, on discussions there were also suggestions on adoption on the projects designed in 1919-1920. On January 19, 1993 Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Azerbaijan passed Constitutional Law according to which project of National emblem of 1919-1920 with some changes was adopted. National emblem of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the symbol f sovereignty of Azerbaijan state. National emblem represents an image of oriental escutcheon, placed on the arch composed of oak branches and ears. On the escutcheon in background of colors of National flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan there is image of eight-angled star and in the center of star there are tongues of flame.